KG Protective Coating Specialists

KG Products formally Kal-Gard has made available for sales its full line of proprietary performance coatings, industrial lubricants and gun care products. Machine Shops, Professional Engine Builders, Motorcycle Shops including Custom, Off Road and Street Bikes of all types, as well as Racing, Gunsmiths and Industrial Production/Maintenance Departments can now purchase coatings and other products for applications for use in their own environments.

Professional Protective Coating Specialist

Coatings have become a standard source of performance gains, increased part protection and increased production for virtually all professional race teams, engine builders, conveyor line maintenance departments, and gunsmiths reaching across many industries including Automotive, Aircraft, Firearms, Boating, Motorcycles, Oil Drilling, Food and Industrial.

Thin film protective coatings have been available for many years but with today’s technology they have become more effective. The greater numbers of users however have not been able to take advantage of the benefits of this technology as the expense and the time required to ship, wait for parts to be coated and then returned has made it impractical for many. 2007 research confirms Thin Film Coatings for esthetics and protection will see a substantial increase in the next several years.

Most businesses will not incur any major cost, and in fact, many shops already have the equipment needed to do an excellent job of applying the KG line of performance coatings.

KG Coating

Gun Kote is a thin hard coating that will give excellent protection from abrasion. It is not easily worn off like bluing, phosphate or chemically blackened surface treatments, which can leave metal surfaces, bare and unprotected from the elements. Gun Kote does not attract dirt or dust, has excellent impact resistance and can be formulated to meet specific customers needs.

Outstanding corrosion protection. Gun Kote will withstand a minimum of 500-hour salt spray tests at 5% salt, however, tests performed for Armscor by the South African Navel Logistics Dept. showed Gun Kote withstanding an equivalent of a 7 year exposure (tests were performed on Aluminum in a salt spray chamber with 50/50 on/off time at 35 degrees C.)
Resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents common to Automotive, Aircraft, Motorcycles and Marine Industries.
Helps to cool parts by dissipating heat. Gun Kote will withstand temperatures over 260 degrees C and as low as -84 degrees C.

Gun Kote and it uses:

Exterior of weapons (including clips) of all types from handguns to G5 and G6 heavy artillery and bomb casings.
Engine blocks and heads to dissipate heat.
Engine water jackets and water pumps to act as a barrier between dissimilar metals.
Protection from corrosion while helping to transfer heat and coolant.
Transmission cases and rear end housings to transfer heat out of the housings and when used with Gear Kote and Engine Gard Oil Treatment will result in an average 35% reduction of heat.
Radiators, Oil and Transmission Coolers, to dissipate heat by 8% to 10% faster then bare metal while providing excellent corrosion protection.
Brake Calipers, to provide heat dissipation, corrosion protection resulting in longer life.

These are just some of the applications of Gun Kote. You are limited only by your imagination!

Gear Kote is a solid film lubricant, also known as dry film lubricant, which will provide a thin/lubricate film that will prevent galling and seizing. Gear Kote aids in heat dissipation and protects the base metal from corrosion while reducing friction. The appearance of Gear Kote is charcoal gray and upon burnishing will take on a sheen. The ingredients of Gear Kote are solid lubricants and resin binders which provide the means to secure the lubricate solid to the base material. The primary solid used for lubrication is Molybdenum Disulfide (MOs 2 or Moly) and because Gear Kote uses Moly it will withstand pressures in excess of 300,000 PSI.

In all applications, Gear Kote provides outstanding lubrication and corrosion protection for all major moving parts. In firearm this would include slides, bolts and clips. In Product automotive/motorcycle applications Gear Kote will provide reduced friction. It will provide lubricity to gears, levers, cams, pistons and any sliding mechanism (Ball and Needle bearings excluded.) For industrial purposes, Gear Kote will provide an excellent dry film lubricant when combined with other coatings such as Tin or Titanium for use on drill bits. In all cases Gear Kote helps reduce the operating temperatures of these components and will result in smoother pulls, rotation, actions and shifting.

Gear Kote will provide:

Outstanding corrosion protection. Gear Kote affords the user outstanding corrosion protection, a minimum of 100 hours salt spray at 5% salt.
Resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents common to Aircraft, Industrial and Automotive Industries.
Reduction of friction and heat. Gear Kote will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F and as low as -200 degrees F.
Outstanding lubrication... bearing pressure test at 90,000 PSI for 400 min.
Will not pick up dirt, dust or lint on exposed parts.
Effective even if gearbox oil is lost.

Gear Kote can be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, over all types of plating and even some plastics. Gear Kote's uses are only limited to the imagination!

Gear Kote Uses:

Pistons, to eliminate friction and to provide better lubricity when used with oil. Gear Kote is a very good heat barrier when used on pistons and domes. This product will also shed carbon. A combination of coated pistons and piston walls will result in reduced damage from piston rock at bottom dead center. Race engines have shown piston life improvement of over three times normal.
Valve Spring and Retainers, to reduce guide wear. Provide heat barrier on face of valves, and shed carbon. Improve air and fluid flow. Reduce wear and heat on springs thereby increasing valve life and increases performance.
Rod and Main Bearings, to provide a protective lubricant between mating parts. Always a lubricant in place.
Crankshaft, Cams, Lifters, and Push Rods, to provide a protective lubricant in the event of momentary loss of oil and provide protective lubricant.
Transmission and Rear End Gears, to reduce friction and gaining more power to the wheels. Easier shifting and less wear on components. Lighter weight oils can be used with protected parts leading to further performance gains.
Gun and Rifle parts, to coat internal slides, trigger mechanisms leading to smoother pulls and permanent lubrication.
Gearboxes of electric motors that drive conveyor lines resulting in less amps to drive motors which will result in less electricity used.
Drill bits to reduce friction provide lubricity and increase production life. One Manufacture of aircraft used Gear Kote on drill bits and went from 8 holes per bit to 40. (Note: Not all cutting tools will perform as well due to the type of material being cut.)
Trigger mechanisms, clip springs and pistol barrels for firearms.
Marine Propellers to minimize cavitations.

KG-6 Suspended Moly
An outstanding product used as an oil additive for gear boxes and internal combustion engines. KG-6 is also used to swab dies for hot stamping, and used to reduce bore fouling in the firearms industry. When used in combination with Gear Kote, KG-6 affords the user many more benefits. KG-6 will significantly reduce the friction and wear within engines and motors.

Engine Gard
One of the first moly oil additives that would not clog full flow oil filters. Although the technology is some years old now Engine Gard is still a leading oil additive.

Chain Kote
Used for conveyer chains, hinges, large bearings. Chain Kote provides an outstanding lubrication for the unique requirements for heavy-duty chains. Chain Kote will not fling like most other chain lubricants.

KG-3 Contact Cleaner
Used for cleaning and decreasing parts. KG-3 contains a special formulation of fast drying, water-displacing solvents, which rapidly cuts through oil and grease, leaving no residue. KG-3 is excellent for ignition points, plugs, and deep cleaning bearings and drive chains prior to lubrication, in all settings from Automotive to Industrial.

Assembly Lube
KG AD Paste is a molybdenum dry film lube developed to reduce wear, prevent galling and seizure of metals and provides corrosion protection. Used in the assembly of components AD will provide extra protection in start-ups. AD can also be used to touch up KG Gear Kote. KG WL is a water based environmentally friendly solid film lube was developed for the forging and swaging industry. Formulated with Graphite and Molybdenum, KG WL will provide outstanding lubrication under extreme heat and pressure. KG WL has been used at temperatures of up to 2300 degrees F with excellent results.

All KG products can be used for industrial purposes. One leading manufacturer of tea uses the and Chain Kote. They pour the Engine Gard into the gearboxes of the motors that drive the conveyer production lines, and spray the chains that drive the production lines with Chain Kote. This same company tested these products over a four-year period. They had bought 6 new, 1.2 million-dollar machines for their production facility. Two of these machines were started with Chain Kote and Engine Gard. The other four machines were started using the manufacturer’s recommendations. After four years, the two machines with KG incurred approximately half the down time as the other four machines.

A California based food processing plant uses Gun Kote on the prune pitting tables to protect the metal frames form corrosion.

For maximum performance gains, a combination of the coatings plus the additives and sprays can be used. For example, this company could have coated the gears with Gear Kote and experienced further performance gains.

All of the products mentioned have been tested over several years using racing teams, Dino’s, and have been subjected to rigorous testing in aerospace and military units. In every case performance gains and or maintenance cost reductions were experienced. It is not unusual to have electric motors use less electricity, internal combustion engines gain RPM, guns to look better function better and last longer.

Industrial Uses:
Gear boxes to coat and or add Engine Gard into.
Conveyor lines as a Chain Lube. Any and all chains found in the industrial setting. Any and all gearing that does not use clutches found in the industrial setting.

A combination of products such as Gear Kote and Gun Kote will provide outstanding results in high performance horsepower engines. In recent tests, the intake manifold of a high output engine was coated with Gear Kote and the outside of the intake manifold was coated with Gun Kote. This combination resulted in a measured 8% increase in horsepower (40 horses) on the Dyno.

Gun Care Products
Contrary to what some manufactures would have you believe, there is no one product on the market that will do what needs to be done to keep your firearms clean and safe. Most important, none of our gun cleaning products contains ammonia. KG has developed a system for cleaning that first address the removal of carbon from the bore with KG-1. KG-2 then is used to remove the copper and lead fouling. KG-3 is then used to remove the existing residue and KG-4 is then applied to protect the bore form the elements. Ask about our new KG-12 Copper Remover.

KG also produces a fine line of lubricants for the firearms Industry included in this line is; KG-5 trigger lube; KG-6 Suspended Moly Bore Prep; KG-7 Moly Powder; KG-8 Micro-Teflon Dry Lube and KG-9 Micro-Teflon Leather Kote.

Oil Absorbent Matting
The OilDrip Mat is a professional alternative to using old fashion metal drip pans and cardboard to protect garage floors, work bench surfaces and counter tops. KG's oil drip mat protects work areas from messy and sometimes damaging oil and fluid spills from cars, motorcycles, farm equipment or any other type of machine.

Made from a non-woven polypropylene fiber, which attracts hydrocarbons, the Oil Drip Mat will not track oil once absorbed into the fibers. OilDrip Mat will not slip on your work surface or garage floor; the backing is made from a non-slip material

The Oil Drip Mat can be used for Automotive, Motorcycles, Gun Repair, Machine Shops, Aircraft and many other industries or as a toolbox liner.